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New Equity Shareholding in Sublime

Sublime has confirmed that Brasil’s Mineracao Curimbaba Ltda has purchased 100% of ESK’s shareholding in Sublime.  Curimbaba group is the holding company of Elfusa, a globally recognised manufacturer of fused alumina products. Sublime commissioned its third furnace in 2011 raising its combined total production capacity to 55,000 tons per annum .

Curimbaba’s acquisition of the ESK’s interest in Sublime provides synergy between the two organizations and will ensure long term stable shareholding between it and the Pheiffer family, which remains the controlling shareholder . 

In addition to its significant marketing capability in the America’s , Curimbaba and Elfusa will also contribute crushing and screening technology to Sublime which is in line with Sublime’s long term strategy to develop macro and micro grit processing facilities currently under construction.

Over the last 8 years Sublime has made significant improvements in its production process growing the operation from a pilot plant with 10,000 tpa capacity to what is today. Sublime believes they have the best furnace technology currently in the world today.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Sublime. There is good alignment of the long term vision between the shareholders of Sublime and we look forward to positive growth and development going forward.